How to Effectively Practice Infection Control in Your Workplace? 

Are you looking for ways to protect your building occupants, customers, and staff from the spread of any forms of illnesses or viruses like COVID-19? Healthy customers and workers imply that your business will achieve a healthier business bottom line. For that, keep in mind that preventing illnesses is key. 

For instance, a thoroughly disinfected and cleaned facility leads to having enhanced profitability through 46% reduction in absenteeism, 62% reduction in contaminated surfaces, and 80% reduced possibility to catch flu or cold. If you want to achieve those promising numbers while keeping yourselves safe and healthy, here are some of the things you can apply as infection control in your workplace:

Stay home if needed

If you feel that you’re sick, it would be highly recommended if you stay home to prevent it from spreading to other people. Though it might be a hard pill to swallow but know that the office will survive 1-2 days without you. 

Get vaccinated

You can help protect yourself and all the people you meet every day by getting vaccinated. 

Cover your nose and mouth

Keep in mind that germs from a sneeze or cough can be transported up to 3 feet. For that reason, ensure to utilize a tissue as you cough or sneeze, and don’t forget to wash your hands after. If you don’t have any tissue, sneeze or cough into the bend of your elbows, instead of your hands. When you accidentally used your hands for this, make sure to immediately wash them. To make sure that you can do this effectively, it would be best to keep tissues on hand. 

Frequent hand washing

Washing your hands regularly is among the easiest yet most important ways to keep the illness from spreading. Frequent hand washing is important, especiall y if you’re in populated areas like healthcare facilities, schools, etc., or when you’re around sick people. Always wash your hands with water and soap, then scrub for at least 20 seconds. Moreover, alcohol gel can be utilized to make sure your hands are decontaminated. 

Wear protective clothing

One of the most suggested precautions that must be taken during this pandemic is to wear protective clothing to help prevent the spread of the virus. Such protective items include a face mask, face shield, and even protective clothes. 

Learn how to do first aid for grazes and cuts

 A graze or cut is a potential source or entry point of infection. If you fail to sanitize and dress a wound properly, infectious bacteria could reach the bloodstream through the exposed tissue or the skin’s epidermis layer. On the contrary, when someone else is carrying an infection, it can escape through other fluids, such as puss and blood, and could carry on to infect another person. 

Have your office regularly cleansed

Hire a professional Fresno cleanse service company for your commercial building to guarantee that they are utilizing high-end and effective disinfectants on high-touch areas of your place, like the keyboards, door handles, light switches, and more. 

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